Rules and Regs

Student Archery E-League

*2019-2020 was the first year we have run the E-League through the EMG. The 2020/2021 season is expected to be affected by the global COVID-19 crisis, so please be patient with all those running the events this year. We would like to thank Matt Johnson and Ian Caulfield for their work on the original E-League which has given us such a good foundation to work with.

 *We will continue to look at ways to develop and improve the E-League, if you have any suggestions please email


There will be 5 rounds over the course of the season:

  1. September–October
  2. November
  3. December–January
  4. February
  5. March

The Round Shot will be the Portsmouth Round, 5 Dozen arrows @ 20 yards on a 60cm Face. Addition for 2020/2021: We are also running a half Portsmouth league, which is 2.5 Dozen arrows @ 20 yards on a 60cm Face. The top score for each archer within the relevant period should be submitted. These scores must be shot in competition or under competition conditions at a club practice session. Competition conditions shall be taken to mean either double scoring or someone else scoring the archer’s arrows; 3 arrows to be shot at a time; 6 sighters only; score-sheets to be submitted to the club’s Records Officer. There is no requirement for all club or team scores to be shot on the same day.


Any archer eligible to compete in the BUCS championships shall be eligible to compete for a team in the E-League. Archers who are eligible for the BUCS Novice category may compete for both a Novice and Experienced team in each round.

Team Competition: Non-Compound (4 archers).

All Recurve, Barebow and Longbow archers are eligible for this team. Universities may enter more than one team at a time. The top 4 scores from one club will be taken for the ‘A’ team, the second 4 for the ‘B’ team, etc. Only the highest score from each archer will be considered in any one round. An archer may compete in more than one team (A/B/C etc.) over the year.

Team Competition: Novice Non-Compound (3 archers).

All Novice Recurve, Barebow and Longbow archers are eligible for this team. All novice teams shall compete in one division. Universities may, again, enter more than one team per round if their numbers warrant it. (A novice is an archer who has begun shooting in the current academic year.) Novice scores may be counted twice per round – once for a Recurve team and once for a Novice Recurve team.

Points and Divisions

Top scores will be taken for the teams, no pre-selection is required. Teams will be placed in Divisions similar to the previous year’s e-league. Points will be awarded, depending on the number of teams in the division. E.g. a league of 8 would have the top team scoring 8 points, the second placed team 7 points, etc. Any team not entering that round shall not be awarded any points. Results for each month will be published. Final results will be published at the beginning of April. In the event of a tie, final positions shall be decided on the average of all 5 league scores.

Divisions for the 2020-2021 season all A teams will be in division 1, and then the BUCS Indoor Championship Regional team scores will be used to assign B/C teams to other divisions where applicable. For 2021-2022 the scores submitted to the e-league will be used to determine the divisions for each team. For subsequent seasons membership of these divisions will be maintained, save that any team which is in the top two in their division will be exchanged with one of the bottom two from the division above, if they have a higher average score over the year.

Only ‘A’ teams may be in the first division and only ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’ teams will be considered for any division.

Incomplete Teams, Sole Archers and Individual Rankings.

Universities may enter incomplete teams for some or all of the months. Archers being the sole representative of their university may also enter if they wish. In addition to the Team competitions, individual rankings will also be given in the results. The top twenty individuals will receive points in each round of the league. The overall places will be decided on total points with ties broken by average score.


Are archers who started shooting this academic year. The academic year is deemed to start on September 1st.

Annual Timetable

RoundTimeframe for scores to be shotScore Submission DeadlineResults Published by
11st September – 31st October7th November14th November
21st – 30th November7th December14th December
31st December – 31st January7th February14th February
41st – 28th/29th February7th March14th March
51st – 31st March7th April14th April

Note that these dates are slightly extended from previous seasons, to allow more flexibility with score entries and return, during the COVID-19 pandemic.