December/January and February results published + overall update. Please read!!!

Hi all,

Sorry for taking some time to publish the results from the last few months, a combination of work and health issues have prevented me doing all the previous manual checking to publish them properly.

However, I have been working on updating some of the code I use to publish these results every month and I now believe I’ve sorted some of the problems I had with data ingestion, processing and output, which will make it much quicker in future. Of course, there may be some issues that I hadn’t foreseen but I have tested my code on the first two months and get what appears to be the same results, which is good.

Now for the information bits and I would ask all e-League club co-ordinators to read this and pass on to your members.

Using my new code, I have processed the 3rd (Dec/Jan) and 4th (Feb) legs of the e-League, published the results as well as the overall leader board for the year. While I believe I have caught many of the bugs, some may still remain so please can all archers/co-ordinators check their scores carefully and ensure that archers are:

1) submitted into the correct category (I suspect some people have been mis-classified in the last two months). I have not amended any categories but I expect club co-ordinators to check to ensure everyone is in the correct category and get in touch if not, so that I can re-make the tables and update as necessary.;

2) ensure that the scores submitted are correct (I have seen some scores with 30 hits that seems to be due to BUCS scores). I have not amended any scores and request co-ordinators get in touch if anything is amiss;

3) ensure that archers names are the same from month to month – this is the biggest problem for compiling the scores as “Jo Bloggs”, “Joanna Bloggs”. “Joe Bloggs” etc will appear as separate entries, so the archer may have several entries in the final results classifications. On this point, I’ve done my best to corroborate all archers with varying names but I may have missed some, so once again, get in touch if something is wrong.

As many archers/co-ordinators will not have had the chance to check their scores etc in the last few months, please do get in touch if anything is amiss or needs a query, even from the first two rounds. For the first two rounds I will update the relevant pages towards the end of the week, though the only significant change is the split of the novice division into two leagues, which is now reflected in the overall results.

Given the new code I’ve mentioned above, I will hopefully be able to process the March results quicker and produce them in a timely fashion for March.

Thank you for reading this far,

Dave, on behalf of the BUCS EMG


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