e-League 2020/2021

Hello toxophilites,

Thank you for being patient with the resumption of archery e-League activities this year. We, the BUCS Archery EMG, have been working behind the scenes to try and plan a full BUCS archery programme and get other aspects of university archery off the ground this year. Fortunately, the e-League format makes it possible to run during a much reduced shooting semester and in a COVID-secure way. With that in mind, the 2020/2021 e-League will be running this academic year, but with some changes. 

What is staying the same

A large amount of the e-League you know and love will continue this season. We will continue to allow group submissions for universities via a club co-ordinator, in an similar fashion to last year. Also we know how much you love to shoot Portsmouth rounds (don’t worry, we can still hear the collective groans from many of you who like shooting WA18m rounds 😉 ), and the Portsmouth will continue to be our standard round this year. We are also keeping the same structure (all versus all) in one league of A teams, with a secondary league of B and C teams this year. We will run a novice and compound league too, although we understand that the novice league may have fewer entries.

The Changes

A large number of university clubs have reported that they have significantly reduced shooting time and are attempting to run beginner’s courses, but at this time it is difficult to plan properly for shooting up and down the country. We also know of the regional differences in lockdown situations and don’t want to adversely affect clubs in different parts of the country from taking part, whilst following their local and regional health guidelines at the time to remain COVID-secure. Therefore, we have made a few changes, so that we can hopefully give as much opportunity for all student archers to compete!

Change 1: Introduction of the Half Portsmouth Round

We are introducing a half Portsmouth round this year, as an addition to the full round. This additional round has come in due to the lack of shooting time many clubs are facing this year. It will run in an identical way to the full portsmouth round, and you can also submit the first half of a full portsmouth for this league. There will be a separate entry form for this which will be found on the submit scores page of this website.

Currently we don’t anticipate running the half Portsmouth league in future years, however, if future circumstances warrant it, we will consider keeping it for future seasons.

Change 2: Allowing individual entries

In order to reduce as many barriers to participation as possible we have decided to allow individual entries without having to go through a club co-ordinator, as has been the case in past seasons. However, if your club would continue to submit scores through a co-ordinator, you are more than welcome to do so, but will have to fill out the same form for all of your club archers. We hope that this will allow for students to submit their own scores where COVID restrictions may reduce contact between club members and club co-ordinators, allowing more flexibility given the current challenges faced by many clubs.

So… where do i submit my scores?

The format of the e-League this year will run identically to previous years, so if you have shot a score in September/October you can submit it when the google form page opens, which we will have ready on 27th October 2020. Following this, the page will remain open for you to submit scores all year round, BUT, scores for the preceding month MUST be submitted by the 7th of the following month. I.e. scores shot in November must be submitted by December 7th. Scores submitted after the cut off date will not be accepted. A table of submissions deadlines is shown below. Full rules and regs for this year will be updated this week including all this information, which you can find on the rules and regs page on this website.

Thank you for your patience, and please remember to stay safe and healthy throughout the pandemic. We hope to see you in person at BUCS shoots in the New Year!


Annual Timetable

RoundTimeframe for scores to be shotScore Submission DeadlineResults aim to be published by
11st September – 31st October7th November14th November
21st – 30th November7th December14th December
31st December – 31st January7th February14th February
41st – 28th/29th February7th March14th March
51st – 31st March7th April14th April


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