November e-league results published

We’ve now published the November e-league results. The individual results can be found here and the team results for November can be found here.

You can also find the overall results, combining September/October with November by clicking the individuals link here and the team link here.

We are still working on sorting the website out, and will soon be adding some new pages to help navigate all the scores from this season.

The next e-league deadline is on February 5th 2020, for scores shot in December and January.

For the next deadline, please ensure only one score is submitted per archer in each submission period. If an archer shoots in two bowstyles that’s fine, but we don’t need every score shot by every archer in the month. Also, please check the data you are submitting; especially concerning archers names as slight differences in names may cause problems linking up scores for archers.

Looking forward to seeing more scores in the new year, The EMG


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