e-League results Round 1 2020/21 published

Hello toxophilites,

We hope you all have been safe and well during national and regional lockdowns, firebreaks and other restrictions.

The round 1 results for the e-League have been published and you can find them here.

As there were not many entries, we have only published reduced leagues and team results. Should more entries be submitted for future legs, we will expand the league structure as necessary (e.g. splitting the Half Portsmouth league up further).

Scores for the second leg can be shot from the 15th November through to the 31st January. You can do so by clicking on the “Submit Scores” link above.

Stay safe,


e-League 2020/21 Round 1 Team Results

The team results for the first round of the 2020/21 e-League are below. There were not enough teams to warrant splitting into multiple leagues this year, so we’ve compiled all A, B and C teams into the same table. Also, there was only one club entering the Half Portsmouth League. Should other clubs enter in future, we will update this page and make the full Half Portsmouth league results.

Team Results (Recurve/Barebow/Longbow)

University TEAM Team Score Team Hits Team Golds Points
1 Nottingham A Hannah Evans, Dominic Kelsey, Harriet Kelsey, Lizzie Elmer 2284 240 135 20
2 Oxford A Yang Pei, Callum Henfrey, Micah Oliver Lee, Valentin Darre 2175 240 90 19
3 Nottingham B Sophie Goodwin, Matt Waters (BB), Charlotte Chard, Simran Panesar (BB) 2141 240 80 18
4 Leicester A Sam Prettyman (BB), Christopher Perry, Elise Goetzee, Kishen Pankhania 1908 239 33 17
5 Newcastle A Francesca Perocheau (BB), Connor Corrigan, Alice Uloth (BB), Alex Swainston 1680 235 27 16
6 Bristol A Will Black, Manon Bristow, Sophie Brain (BB) 1474 180 46 15
7 Northampton A Charlie Alvarez,Kathryn Parker (BB) 1022 120 38 14
8 Durham A Matthew Likely 568 60 32 13
9 Birmingham A Callum Platt 552 60 23 12
10 Aberdeen A Daniel Mohr 547 60 23 11
11 Cardiff A Elliot Shaw 499 60 8 10
12 Queen Mary A Michael Wong 480 60 8 9

Team Results (Compound)

University TEAM Team Score Team Hits Team Golds Points
1 Birmingham A Chris Guerin, Zara Green 1134 120 47 20
2 Nottingham A Sam Cartwright 582 60 42 19
3 Birmingham B Callum Platt 578 60 38 18
4 Aberdeen A Michal Kozera 552 60 14 17

e-League 2020/21 Round 1 Individual Results

The individual results are below for Round 1 of the e-League 2020/21. Round 1 ran from 1st September until the 14th November. The Half Portsmouth league did not have many entrants, so all of the different categories have been merged.

Women’s Experienced Recurve

Points Name of Archer University Score Hits 10s
1 20 Hannah Evans Nottingham 574 60 34
2 19 Harriet Kelsey Nottingham 569 60 35
3 18 Lizzie Elmer Nottingham 569 60 31
4 17 Sophie Goodwin Nottingham 561 60 28
5 16 Charlotte Chard Nottingham 525 60 14
6 15 Manon Bristow Bristol 515 60 17
7 14 Elise Goetzee Leicester 469 60 5

Men’s Experienced Recurve

Points Name of Archer University Score Hits 10s
1 20 Yang Pei Oxford 578 60 39
2 19 Dominic Kelsey Nottingham 572 60 35
3 18 Matthew Likely Durham 568 60 32
4 17 Charlie Alvarez Northampton 562 60 31
5 16 Callum Henfrey Oxford 560 60 26
6 15 Callum Platt Birmingham 552 60 23
7 14 Will Black Bristol 550 60 27
8 13 Daniel Mohr Aberdeen 547 60 23
9 12 Micah Oliver Lee Oxford 523 60 12
10 11 Valentin Darre Oxford 514 60 13
11 10 Christopher Perry Leicester 497 60 7
12 9 Connor Corrigan Newcastle 447 60 7
13 8 Kishen Pankhania Leicester 428 59 5
14 7 Alex Swainston Newcastle 301 55 1

Women’s Experienced Barebow

Points Name of Archer University Score Hits 10s
1 20 Francesca Perocheau Newcastle 523 60 16
2 19 Simran Panesar Nottingham 506 60 12
3 18 Kathryn Parker Northampton 460 60 7
4 17 Alice Uloth Newcastle 409 60 3
5 16 Sophie Brain Bristol 409 60 2

Men’s Experienced Barebow

Points Name of Archer University Score Hits 10s
1 20 Matt Waters Nottingham 549 60 26
2 19 Sam Prettyman Leicester 514 60 16
3 18 Elliot Shaw Cardiff 499 60 8
4 17 Michael Wong Queen Mary 480 60 8

Women’s Experienced Compound

Points Name of Archer University Score Hits 10s
1 20 Zara Green Birmingham 567 60 20

Men’s Experienced Compound

Points Name of Archer University Score Hits 10s
1 20 Sam Cartwright Nottingham 582 60 42
2 19 Callum Platt Birmingham 578 60 38
3 18 Chris Guerin Birmingham 567 60 27
4 17 Michal Kozera Aberdeen 552 60 14

Half Portsmouth

Points Name of Archer University Score Hits 10s
1 20 Wade Suen Cambridge 270 30 12
2 19 Robert Spencer Cambridge 268 30 9
3 18 Kimberley Callaghan Cambridge 260 30 8
4 17 Sean Seet Cambridge 250 30 6
5 16 Liam Pattinson Cambridge 250 30 5
6 15 Victoria Hodgson Cambridge 213 30 3

e-League update for Sep/Oct/Nov legs

Hello e-leaguers!

As you are all no doubt aware, with COVID lockdowns, fire breaks and restrictions, changes have been made to our lives and this include archery and the e-league. The UK government recently announced a lock down for England, which started today and lasts a month. There are also firebreaks in place in Wales (from 23rd Oct-9th Nov), a circuit break in Northern Ireland (4 weeks starting 16th October) and new tiered restrictions are in place in Scotland which may in turn become a full lockdown in the coming weeks. We’ve been trying to keep appraised of all the changes in the last week and working out how this effects the e league.

Given that a large number of universities (in England) will be unable to shoot during the month of November, and many additional universities outside of England in some form of restriction for the month, we had a suggestion sent in to change the e league dates for this year so that we can allow more chance for scores to be submitted for the first leg given that November is going to be difficult for most archers in the UK to get to the range. After giving much consideration to this idea, we have decided to change the e league this year to the following structure:

Round 1: All scores shot in September, October, until the end of 14th November, assuming it is legal to do so in your area. Deadline for submissions extended to 21st November.

Round 2: Scores shot from 14th November in areas where it is legal to do so, plus scores shot in December and January

Round 3: Scores shot in February*

Round 4: Scores shot in March

**Dependent on future lock downs, firebreaks and circuit breakers.

Why are we doing this?

We want to make sure that each e league round is competitive and representative of the archers across the UK. We also want to make sure we are fair to all archers and give opportunity whenever scores are shot throughout the year. Given that this year archers have already got limited access to facilities, the lack of beginner’s courses running across the country and most universities only being back just over a month, we were expecting a significant down turn in the number of September/October entries. We are hoping that by extending to first deadline for scores to be shot to half way through November (14th Nov), will allow more archers to compete in the first round of the e league. We are also keenly aware to try to not give extra time to certain regions of the country, as they go in and out of fire break and lockdowns. For example, Welsh unis, would not have been able to compete in this time frame, but may have some time to do so between the 9th and 14th November. Similarly, English university students may have shot scores at the start of November but not for the rest of November. We want to make it clear that we do not wish to put any archer off submitting scores or disenfranchising them, based off their regional lock downs.

Therefore, if it is LEGAL and COVID safe in your area, and you are able to shoot, then scores for Round 1 of the e league will be accepted until the 14th November. The deadline for the scores to be entered into the system is the 21st November. Round 2 will start on the 15th November. and continue until the end of January. Round 3 and 4 will of course be dependent on future lockdowns, but for now, we hope that they will represent the months of February and March, respectively.

Stay safe, and happy shooting

e-League 2020/2021 open for entries!

Morning archers,

We are pleased to say that we will be running the e-league this year and have updated the website accordingly. There are some slight changes for this year due to COVID and shooting time restrictions: we are adding a half Portsmouth round and we will be allowing archers to submit their own scores (if they wish).

You can read all about the changes in the blog post here: https://archeryeleague.wordpress.com/…/e-league-2020-2021/

And you can submit your scores for the months of September/October leg here: https://archeryeleague.wordpress.com/submit-scores/

e-League 2020/2021

Hello toxophilites,

Thank you for being patient with the resumption of archery e-League activities this year. We, the BUCS Archery EMG, have been working behind the scenes to try and plan a full BUCS archery programme and get other aspects of university archery off the ground this year. Fortunately, the e-League format makes it possible to run during a much reduced shooting semester and in a COVID-secure way. With that in mind, the 2020/2021 e-League will be running this academic year, but with some changes. 

What is staying the same

A large amount of the e-League you know and love will continue this season. We will continue to allow group submissions for universities via a club co-ordinator, in an similar fashion to last year. Also we know how much you love to shoot Portsmouth rounds (don’t worry, we can still hear the collective groans from many of you who like shooting WA18m rounds 😉 ), and the Portsmouth will continue to be our standard round this year. We are also keeping the same structure (all versus all) in one league of A teams, with a secondary league of B and C teams this year. We will run a novice and compound league too, although we understand that the novice league may have fewer entries.

The Changes

A large number of university clubs have reported that they have significantly reduced shooting time and are attempting to run beginner’s courses, but at this time it is difficult to plan properly for shooting up and down the country. We also know of the regional differences in lockdown situations and don’t want to adversely affect clubs in different parts of the country from taking part, whilst following their local and regional health guidelines at the time to remain COVID-secure. Therefore, we have made a few changes, so that we can hopefully give as much opportunity for all student archers to compete!

Change 1: Introduction of the Half Portsmouth Round

We are introducing a half Portsmouth round this year, as an addition to the full round. This additional round has come in due to the lack of shooting time many clubs are facing this year. It will run in an identical way to the full portsmouth round, and you can also submit the first half of a full portsmouth for this league. There will be a separate entry form for this which will be found on the submit scores page of this website.

Currently we don’t anticipate running the half Portsmouth league in future years, however, if future circumstances warrant it, we will consider keeping it for future seasons.

Change 2: Allowing individual entries

In order to reduce as many barriers to participation as possible we have decided to allow individual entries without having to go through a club co-ordinator, as has been the case in past seasons. However, if your club would continue to submit scores through a co-ordinator, you are more than welcome to do so, but will have to fill out the same form for all of your club archers. We hope that this will allow for students to submit their own scores where COVID restrictions may reduce contact between club members and club co-ordinators, allowing more flexibility given the current challenges faced by many clubs.

So… where do i submit my scores?

The format of the e-League this year will run identically to previous years, so if you have shot a score in September/October you can submit it when the google form page opens, which we will have ready on 27th October 2020. Following this, the page will remain open for you to submit scores all year round, BUT, scores for the preceding month MUST be submitted by the 7th of the following month. I.e. scores shot in November must be submitted by December 7th. Scores submitted after the cut off date will not be accepted. A table of submissions deadlines is shown below. Full rules and regs for this year will be updated this week including all this information, which you can find on the rules and regs page on this website.

Thank you for your patience, and please remember to stay safe and healthy throughout the pandemic. We hope to see you in person at BUCS shoots in the New Year!


Annual Timetable

RoundTimeframe for scores to be shotScore Submission DeadlineResults aim to be published by
11st September – 31st October7th November14th November
21st – 30th November7th December14th December
31st December – 31st January7th February14th February
41st – 28th/29th February7th March14th March
51st – 31st March7th April14th April

2020/2021 e-League

Hello archers,

It’s been a while since we were last able to run the e-League due to the lockdown. We are currently in the process of updating this website for the 2020/2021 season and we will announce our plans for it in due course.

The BUCS Archery EMG

E league coronavirus statement for 2019/2020 season

Over the last week, the BUCS EMG have been monitoring and discussing the current coronavirus pandemic and how it effects the e-league. As of March 17th, ArcheryGB posted that all archery in the UK should be postponed for the foreseeable future. This unprecedented step means that the month of March could only be a shortened leg of the e-league. We do not wish to give any advantage to archers who had a chance to shoot a round early in the month of March over those who had not. A large number of archers who would have – understandably – been practicing WA 18m rounds for the BUCS Indoors finals may not have had a chance to shoot a Portsmouth round in this time frame.

It is therefore with regret, that we have decided to end this season’s e-league a month early and as such the scores published for February are final for the 2019/2020 e-league season. We know this will come as a disappointment to many who wanted to see how they would have done this month, but we hope you can understand our decision. If you have any queries or questions about this change to the e league for this year, please email studentarcherycommittee@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

This year has been a new start for the e-league and we want to thank you for being patient with us as we’ve learnt the ropes of running it as we’ve gone along. There are a number of bumps along the road and we’ve found areas that we want to improve upon for next year. If you have any ideas then please let us know by emailing the address above.

As the coronavirus pandemic develops further, we hope you all stay safe and stay healthy, and we look forward to the recommencement of the indoor e league season in September this year. 

February 2020 e league results published

The results of the February 2020 e league leg are now online, and can be navigated to by clicking on the “current season” links above.

The next set of e league scores are due to be submitted by the 5th April, for the month of March. Due to the current organiser moving house during this time period, the results may be delayed by up to a week.